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Over 42 million Americans need intervention and/or treatment. An estimated 20 million people are currently in recovery from some type of drug dependency, coupled with another 22 million people in need of treatment. These numbers do not represent the countless millions who need information about, and prevention services for, drug addiction.


The levels of heroin and other opioid addiction in Baltimore, as well as in other cities, are at an epidemic level. In a previous ABC News Report, Baltimore was cited as the “U.S. Heroin Capital”—a notorious designation. Therefore, in January 2015, Governor Larry Hogan declared a State of Emergency in Maryland. In February 2015 he created a Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force to address the increasing epidemic of drug addiction in the state, with the purpose of earmarking specific funding for addiction counselor intervention and prevention treatment programs.


Source: FINAL REPORT: Heroin Opioid Emergency Task Force, LT. Governor Boyd K Rutherford, 2015