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Step Up Program

The goal of the Step Up Program is for each participant to achieve a healthier, more rewarding life by specifically treating the whole person (i.e., body, mind, and spirit). We believe a person cannot be well, physically, if he or she is unable to navigate the transitions of life (e.g., career aspirations, financial security, residential security, and a sense of purpose).

CCF offers a variety of educational and vocational rehabilitation/career development programs, family support services, and residential housing assistance for clients and their families to help stabilize their recovery.

Moreover, CCF is devoted to strengthening the community through its “Adopt-A-Park” campaign and civic art projects, as well as by developing positive leaders who understand both the tragedy of addiction and the triumph of recovery.



It is our vision to provide equal access to career and educational opportunities for our community—which includes natural, physical, and spiritual advancement and healing.

Education and Career Opportunities:


Through a partnership with Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) and other vendors, eligible and motivated CCF clients have a wide range of educational and career opportunities which include, but are not limited to:


  • Adult Education Program
  • High School Diploma (GED)
  • English as a Second Language
  • CDL and Non-CDL Drivers
  • Healthcare Professionals: CNA/ GNA, Patient Transporters, Dietary Aides, Multiskilled Medical Technician
  • Customer Service (Business- Front/Back Office Assistant)
  • Cyber Security – IT entry level support (Intern)
  • Warehouse Inventory/Logistics
  • Peer Recovery Coaches
  • Custodial/Laundry Services



  • Respect. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness…


  • Education. We are all life-long learners…


  • Leadership. We are all leaders in some capacity. It is not what we say, but what we do that matters.


  • Excellence. It is not how much you know, but the effort you put forth and your willingness to learn from your mistakes.


  • Communication. Conversation is a step toward  change.

Participants from the Step Up Program in Baltimore, Maryland tell their stories of recovery, education, and rediscovering their own self worth.



  • Recommendation from counselor, Healthcare provider, and/or Peer Recovery Coach.
  • Absence from recent drug and alcohol use.
  • Highly motivated to attend Step Up meetings and engage in volunteer work.

Able to interact, communicate and work well with others.



  1. To provide and/or connect every eligible and motivated individual with educational and career opportunities.


  1. To create a caring environment of support where those individuals receive help towards his/her educational, career, and family goals.


  1. To work with local community associations and organizations to create a safe, communal environment where every citizen feels valued, feels their voice is heard and their ideas matter.

Tier System of Incentive:


Tier 1: Essential


Attendance and participation in weekly meetings are essential and necessary. Some group activities include: Resume Writing, Mock Interviews, Computer Skills.

Incentives: Bus tokens and prizes will be available for participation.


Tier 2: Momentum


Continued attendance and participation in weekly meetings. Participation in 12-hours of volunteer events/activities (outreach projects, Adopt-a-Park, community clean-ups, health fairs, food drives)

Incentives: CCF Uniform and ID


Tier 3: Application


Within the framework CCF, must be able to work independently, display leadership qualities, utilize soft skills.  May hold case manager position; all Tier-3 members are eligible for the Recovery Coach Program.

Incentives: stipends, business cards, entrepreneurial assistance and BB&T Banking. Eligible Step Up members may apply for the BB&T Financial Wellness Program (Free) and for the CCF Home Buying Program.

To enroll, please speak with a CCF Representative:

Office: 667.239.3236



Website: www.concertedcarefoundation.org


2514 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Think Step Up might be right for you or a loved one?