About the Foundation

Concerted Care Foundation (CCF) is the vision of both Noah Nordheimer, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Concerted Care Group LLC (CCG) and Ronald N. Shelley, the Executive Director of CCF.  Noah a serial entrepreneur, and Ron, a life-long urban educator and clergy both wanted to see changes to the plight of individuals impacted by environmental, social and societal ills.  Together, in 2015 they forged CCF, a non-profit charitable organization that would focus on the rehabilitation of social, economic, and spiritual decay of communities and communities at-large and offer human services and programs to its citizens.  To date, CCF has reached and served well over 4,000-people. The programs and services offered by and through CCF have grown in number and evolved as the needs of the community has changed. Partnerships have been developed and continue to be cultivated to add to the menu of services.

CCF has essential goals

  1. To provide and/or connect every eligible and motivated client to educational and career opportunities.
  2. To create a caring and supportive environment where each eligible and motivated client receives help in achieving his/her educational, career, and family goals.
  3. To work with both local and community at-large organizations in order to create an environment where every citizen feels that his/her voice matters.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


CCF’s mission is to become a vital and positive influence in Baltimore City and throughout the State of Maryland by addressing the educational, career, and social needs of our communities through individual services and advocacy.


CCF’s vision is to provide individuals with equal access to career and educational opportunities, and to be a force that encourages their continued physical and spiritual healing and growth.



Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.


We are all leaders in some capacity. It is what I do, not just what I say, that matters.


Conversation is the first step towards positive change.


We are all life-long learners.


The effort you put forth and a willingness to learn from your mistakes is what sets you apart from the crowd.

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